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Our award-winning animation production team can craft everything from kinetic text to full explainer animations that will take your videos to the next level, and help you stand out from your competition.

2D & 3D Animation Services Alpharetta

What Moves You?

When considering animation for a video, there are a couple of common techniques to keep in mind. The right technique can not only enhance the content of your video production project but can also speak to the character of your business or message.

2D Animation Production & Motion Graphics

There are a variety of styles in 2D animation, and the most familiar is traditional, hand-drawn frame-by-frame illustrations. which is very time-intensive, but has a hand-crafted or personal touch. 2D animation can also be created with computer software - usually referred to as motion graphics. Motion graphics uses computer software to manipulate assets to create motion, but in a flat space. This technique is best suited for kinetic type, animated explainer videos, or simple title graphics for corporate videos.

3D Computer Animation Production

3D animation utilizes computer software to bring to life 3D models and rigged assets ranging from simple characters to complex objects such as an airplane or DNA strand. This technique is particularly useful for medical or tech-based content, but can also take advantage of advanced lighting, textures, simulation, and modeling to showcase a variety of products or demonstrations.

Enhance your Video

Video marketing is increasingly on the rise, and animation is a sure-fire way to stand out from the crowd.  Easily conveying complex ideas and showcasing your brands image is only a fraction of the versatility that animation offers. Interested in a stand-out video with computer animation? Our talented animation production team will take your video to the next level.

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