Brand Strategy Services

Brand Strategy Services
From a top Atlanta branding agency

Behind every successful brand is a focused brand strategy. Strategy that drives competitive advantage and profitable growth. An experienced branding agency will help you craft a strong brand. 

Your brand is more than a product or a logo. It’s an entire vibe. The creative professionals at Synergetic Media can help you define that vibe and deploy it in a consistent manner. Clarity and consistency build confidence in consumers. And confidence breeds trust. When people learn what to expect from your brand, and it’s reliably delivered, you create enduring relationships that promote brand success.

Does your brand need a plan?

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What Is Brand Strategy?

Brand strategy is a long-term plan for building favorable identification with consumers. Before building, you consult an architect. You develop a plan. Without that plan, your structure will lack cohesion. Marketing follows the same principles. When launching a business, product or service, you need a distinct understanding of who, what, where, and why.

  • WHO are you as a brand?
  • WHAT are you offering to consumers?
  • WHERE will you reach those consumers with your message?
  • WHY should they choose you over the competition?

Answering these questions is part of developing a successful brand strategy.

Why Is Brand Strategy Important?
In a sea of competing brands, visibility is essential.

But simply getting seen isn’t enough. A successful brand makes meaningful connections. Those connections inspire loyalty, increase brand awareness, and build repeat business. That doesn’t happen by accident! Developing long-term consumer relationships takes a dedicated branding strategy. Without one, your brand will flounder. People may not remember what you say, but they never forget how you make them feel. Successful branding makes consumers feel better about what you have to offer.

Looking for inspiration? Check out these corporate branding examples. Ready to enlist the aid of a top branding agency? Then let’s get started.

The Fab Four:
Four Elements of Brand Strategy

How do you define your brand, and inspire consumers to feel good about it? These four elements provide the structural framework of brand building.


Brand Story: Everyone has a story. What’s yours?

A story helps personalize your brand, making it “human” to consumers. A well told and authentic brand narrative makes a connection with potential customers, while showing them how your business can meet their needs. It’s all about creating an engaging, interesting and helpful tale. Take people on a journey from where you come from through to who you are now. Let them know why they should care about what makes up your unique business – that’s when real connections between brands and consumers start forming.

Tell your Story with Brand Strategy
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Brand Values: What do you stand for?

Creating a unique and meaningful brand begins with understanding your business from the inside out. Successful companies all have something in common: clear-cut core values, an inspiring mission statement, and strong guiding principles that provide direction for every decision made. Defining these elements helps build consumer trust by letting them know what to expect when they choose you.

Your brand values are so much more than just a mission statement and set of guidelines – they’re the heart & soul of what makes your business unique.


Brand Persona: How do you communicate?

Define Your Brand Personality

Your brand persona is the personality of your brand. Are you playful or serious? Informative or interactive? Your brand is like a person, and the way you talk to your audience across different channels reflects that personality. Think of it as having an internal style guide – this helps ensure continuity in how consumers perceive your identity no matter where they come into contact with it: be it online ads or newsletters, social media posts or email messages! 

Be Consistent

Consumers appreciate consistency. By presenting them with a uniform voice no matter where they come into contact with your company, you’ll create recognizability and trust. Showing up consistently means there’s never any confusion about what makes YOUR BUSINESS unique.

Define your brand identity
Brand look is your first impression


Brand Design: How do you look?

Does your brand have a “wow” factor? Visuals play an essential role in helping you stand out from the crowd. Amazingly, we process an image in just 150 milliseconds! Your logo, graphic elements and website design are key components of representing who you are – so make sure they look amazing. Professional design is more than just attractive; it conveys that your business has its act together. With strong visual materials from the get-go, people can quickly know what they’re getting with your products or services… and be ready to say yes!

Brand Identity is Like Marketing Glitter.
It Sticks to Everything.

Most people associate brand identity with visual components – things like logo, color palette, and graphical elements. These components help distinguish your business from the competition. They’re concrete identifiers of what you do and who you are. But a well-developed and consistently deployed brand identity is more than just a pretty graphical façade. It’s the outward presentation of your company’s core values, and will come to represent you in the minds of your target audience.

An Experienced Branding Agency
Can help create your brand.

Sound daunting? It can be!

That’s where Synergetic Media steps in. Understanding the importance of brand identity is just the first step. Knowing how to define and deploy that identity across multiple platforms takes design sense, technical skill, and marketing savvy.

We can help!

Comprised of classically-trained and award-winning designers, writers, and technology experts, the creative team at Synergetic Media branding agency utilizes a collaborative and data-driven approach to boost your brand to the next level.

[sin-er-get-ik] adj.

  • working together in a creative, innovative, and productive manner.

Synergetic isn’t just a catchy name. It’s who we are.

We are here to partner with you. To help you build a brand that resonates. A brand that exceeds expectations – even your own.

Staying on Brand:
Why Brand Consistency Matters

We’ve mentioned consistent deployment of brand strategy a few times. But why is that important?

Brand consistency is the glue that holds your brand identity together. If your brand messaging – design, voice, story, or values – is inconsistent or conflicting at any point of contact, consumers will be confused. Confusion breeds mistrust. Customers who lack trust in your brand aren’t likely to return – and they might even speak out against you.

An important part of maintaining brand consistency is developing a style guide. A brand style guide, or brand book, is your brand’s sacred text. It’s the rulebook that details how your brand should present itself and interact with the world. A style guide specifies everything from exact colors, fonts, logo presentations, and graphics to the tone of voice your brand uses in its copy.

Building – and consulting – a brand book ensures that your brand doesn’t make costly messaging mistakes. Your brand will look and feel the same, wherever it’s represented.

Defining Your Brand

Defining your brand, establishing a brand identity, deploying branding strategies and ensuring brand consistency are all part of branding.

If you want to align your image with your business objectives and stand out from the competition, branding is a process that simply cannot be overlooked.

That’s where Synergetic Media steps in.

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