Case Study: Branding
Georgia Computer Inc.

Visual Identity GCI

Branding Case Study Overview

Goal: Update the visual identity of Georgia Computer, Inc. – a well-established ITAD service provider.

Solution: Bold, innovative design elements capture the essence of the company’s services and make them readily identifiable with consumers. Additionally, the unexpected depiction of a high-tech firm as the “Everyman” brand persona creates unique positioning within the industry.

Result: Modernizing the visual identity and clarifying the brand voice has helped GCI better communicate the real value of their services. Analytics show a resultant steady increase in traffic, domain authority, backlinks, impressions and click-through rates.


For over 25 years, Georgia Computer, Incorporated has been one of the premier providers of IT Asset management services. These services include:

  • IT Asset Management
  • Healthcare Asset Management
  • Recycling of Electronic Equipment
  • Data Security and Eradication of Sensitive Information
  • Refurbished and End of Life Equipment Sales
  • IT Maintenance and Service
Visual Identity GCI banner
Visual Identity GCI trifold


Georgia Computer, Inc. is an established technology company that serves the asset disposition industry nationwide, but their visual branding was dated.


Establish a readily identifiable and modern visual identity. Design elements must capture the essence of what the company DOES and who they ARE. Additionally, use brand strategy to create unique positioning within a high-tech industry.


The finished identity package is bold and simple to reflect GCI’s brand and persona. In short, the updated visual messaging and design goes beyond just a look. It’s a truly modern twist of GCI’s services that ties together their personality with a unique appeal to their customer base.

Visual Identity GCI digital media
Visual Identity GCI business cards

Logo Redesign

For the refreshed logo design, we settled on a combination of the company name as well as their services by abstracting the letters GCI into a shape reminiscent of circuitry.

The brand imagery integrates circuitry into everyday objects and focuses on people in everyday situations. That helps make this hi-tech company more people-oriented, relatable and accessible to consumers.

Georgia Computer Incorporated

Brand Persona

The brand strategy creates unique positioning for this tech giant by depicting them as the “Everyman.” While the IT industry is sometimes seen as unrelatable, the “Everyman” is a shoulder-to-shoulder personality. They’ve built their business one handshake at a time.

Further, the “Everyman” represents stewardship, authenticity, honesty, fairness, and accountability. They’re the good neighbor, seeking to do the right thing.

GCI might be hi-tech, but they’re not afraid of hard work. They’re the company that will roll up their sleeves, going into the trenches with their customers.

Results & Benefits

Modernizing the visual identity and clarifying the brand voice has helped GCI better communicate the real value of their services. Secure and eco-friendly IT asset disposition is an ongoing need in our increasingly digital world.

More and more digital products hit the market every day, which means an ever-growing stream of e-waste. Data bearing IT assets can’t just be tossed into a landfill. Not only is environmental responsibility essential, but sensitive data must also be erased and destroyed.

Only a handful of companies in the US offer the level of certified and insured data destruction as GCI. Therefore, clear design and brand messaging is critical to help this valuable business reach a larger audience.

Their new visual identity and branding continue to drive traffic to their redesigned, user-friendly website. For example, this chart from February 13th to March 14th shows a 21.98% increase in users, 23.98% increase in sessions, and 26.09% increase in engaged sessions.

Additionally, their domain authority score is up 300% month over month.

This is the result of a steady increase in backlinks following rebranding.

Branded queries are bringing in more clicks, more impressions, and a higher click through rate.


Reimagining Georgia Computer, Inc.’s visual identity and brand persona has provided multiple benefits to the client, to their customers, and to society. GCI is able to reach a broader audience via clear and relatable messaging and a recognizable visual identity.

This not only helps the company’s bottom line, but also gives potential customers easier access to their valuable and in-demand services. Our society as a whole benefits from secure data destruction and environmentally responsible IT asset disposition.

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